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Truck Satellite Navigation.

Keeping to the right routes, delivering products on time and avoiding unsuitable roads, tight turns and hazards is all part of life for a truck driver, and having reliable truck satellite navigation in a cab can help drivers with all of this. Snooper HGV satellite navigation products are reliable, high performance and utilise the latest technology in the sector.


Our systems boast street level mapping from Here® Maps for Life and our very own market leading speed camera detector technology, which is vital for drivers who often need to travel through unfamiliar areas. LMU subscriptions may not be transferred to another person or Device.

We understand the specific motoring needs of commercial drivers and our truck satellite navigation products are designed with these requirements in mind, allowing for easy route programming, hazard avoidance and efficient driving.

All Snooper truck satellite navigation systems come pre-loaded with Extended European street level mapping, and drivers on layovers can benefit from the digital television receivers in our premium level sat nav products.

If you would like more information regarding our satellite navigation systems for trucks or any of our products speak to a member of the Truckmate team. You can enquire online or call us today on +44 (0)1928 579 579.

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3 articles
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