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Truck Reversing Cameras.

Many accidents occur when wagons are being reversed. To help combat this Snooper Truckmate has developed a range of reversing and parking cameras that are viewed using a Truckmate navigation device in the cab.


If your starting out as a HGV driver or even if you're already vastly experience, using Truckmate reversing cameras helps to lower the chance of a commercial vehicle being damaged due to poor parking or manoeuvring in tight spots where visibility is low. All of our truck reversing cameras are high performance and are made using top grade stainless steel, making them both incredibly durable and highly water resistant.


We understand just how changeable the weather can be across Europe, especially when truck drivers are tackling a long journey through several regions, and this is why our cameras have been designed to offer reliable performance during even the most inclement conditions.


Our Truckmate cameras are also compatible with many other satellite navigation systems and LCD monitors. We recommend that the cameras are fitted professionally for ultimate performance.


If you would like more information regarding our reversing cameras for trucks or any of our products speak to a member of the Snooper team. You can enquire online or call us today on +44 (0)1928 579 579.

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1 article
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